Break Through The Loop

Transform your 4-bar loops into full-fledged compositions.

Full Arrangements

Send us your loop, and we'll craft it into a complete song structure with dynamic transitions and compelling progression. We'll send you back the midi and audio files, and you can use them for inspiration or release it.

Bespoke Mixing

Show off your sound with our tight, bespoke mixes, tailored specifically to your style and artistic vision.

Getting Your Sound

Getting a great mix, beautifully gain staged, the sound stage balanced, and sculpted to perfection, is great, but how do you get something with mojo, a unique signature of your sound? It's your Mix Bus done right.

Be In Our Store

RUSIC is our simple music shopping system for selling your tracks and creating a central home for music.

Ready to evolve your music?

Get Started

We work on an application process only. We don't charge any fees but we ask for a fixed 10% royalty on anything that we make together, plus if youre in our store we take a 10% sales fee there. Our process involves getting to know you before we create anything together - people are important in these days of machines.

Featured Tracks

"OK-COOL transformed my simple loop into a full-fledged track that blew my mind. Their attention to detail and unique sound design has given my music a new life!" - DJ Elektra